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Welcome to our website!

Hi! My name is Marco den Ouden and I am the host and creator of this website.

Everybody and his uncle has advice on what stocks to buy. But very few talk about what and when to sell. This website is focused on the selling side of the equation. Browse through the articles or buy our e-book, When to Sell a Stock. You'll find excerpts here on these pages.

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Feature Articles

When to Get Out of the Market

There is a multiplicity of information available on buying stocks. Books, newsletters, brokers, and sometimes even the cabbie or your dentist will have opinions on how to pick stocks, or even on specific stocks to buy.

But where can you find information on when you should sell a stock? Precious little is written about that!


Deciphering Analyst Speak

To say there is a distinct buy-side bias in the brokerage community is an understatement. Brokers and analysts rarely recommend selling a stock. At least not in so many words. But broker analysts do use buzzwords that, to the trained ear, clearly spell out "Sell".

On May 22, 2002, Merrill Lynch, the huge Wall Street brokerage firm, agreed to pay US$100 million in penalties to forestall criminal charges in allegations of breach of trust and fiduciary responsibility by the company. 


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